Personal websites

A personal website is, well, personal, you can do anything you like. Choose as fancy or as simple a design as you want. You can select colors and fonts that work and add your content to make it yours.


What it is: An individual site is an incredible method for giving your web-based presence a lift. You can make an individual site to advance your independence and interests, like fan sites or side interest sites. Individuals additionally use individual and CV site formats to show what their identity and they’ve achieved expertly.

For this type of website, the design elements really depend on the purpose of your personal website. Will the site be something you share with friends and family just for fun or are you trying to build a brand? If it’s the latter, you’ll want to create a recognizable look and feel for your personal brand.

These individual locales are like portfolios yet regularly contain less visual components, as the goal isn’t really to show past work.

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